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      A little forgetfulness can be a victim of online fraud, keep these things in mind

      Nowadays we have become very accustomed to online shopping. Everything from diamonds to cumin can now be ordered online. This is why we order our daily necessities online. But a small mistake when shopping online can be very harmful for you. There are some things to keep in mind to avoid this. Today we will talk about that.

      Mark the website

      Whenever you shop on a site, it is important to identify that website. The reason is that nowadays fraudsters create fake websites under the name of Amazon or Flipkart. All these websites sell items at very low prices. However, either fake items are sent from these websites or the items are not sent after deducting money.

      How to mark a website

      Check to see if the website has a green lock at the beginning of the first URL to check if the website is secure. If there is no https then the website is not secure. Credit or debit card or bank information can be stolen from these websites.

      Keep an eye on the ads

      We come across many advertisements on social media platforms where thousands of rupees worth of items are offered for sale at 100-150 rupees. Amazon or Flipkart logos are also used in these messages. But if you look closely, you will see that their URL is different. So do not buy any product from this kind of website.

      The real counterfeit product must be identified in this way

      If you buy a product from a website, look at its label. Products sold by Amazon or Flipkart are labeled Amazon Fulfilled or Flipkart Assured. If a website does not have this label then it is better not to buy the product from there.

      Choose cash on delivery

      In most cases of online shopping, we pay in advance. In that case, if the product does not arrive, you have to complain again. Cash on delivery is the best way to avoid these hassles. This allows you to pay after receiving the item. In this case, the chances of cheating are less. Also, it is better not to save your debit or credit card on any website.

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