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    120 watts Charging but Mi 10 Ultra actually charges at 60 watts

    A few days ago, Mi 10 Ultra was launched with 120-watt fast charging support. This phone also has Quick Charge 5 support. However, a recent Android Authority charging test has shown that the Mi 10 Ultra supports 120 watts of charging, but the phone is charged at a rate of 60 watts. However, the phone is still charging faster than other phones in the market. Because the Mi 10 Ultra at 60-watt rate took 21 minutes to fully charge. This phone can even be charged with a 16-watt adapter, but then it will take 6 minutes.

    Mi 10 Ultra

    Xiaomi reported 120-watt fast charging as the main attraction when launching the Mi 10 Ultra. A 120-watt charger is also available in the box of this phone. We often see companies offering higher wattage charging on phones, but charger rates are lower. Although Xiaomi did not. But even then, the test showed that the phone is being charged at 80 watts with a 120-watt charger.

    According to the report, the phone charges at 92.3 watts at the beginning of charging, then gradually decreases to 6.4 watts. However, towards the end, the phone is charged at a rate of 80.1 watts.

    Meanwhile, in the test, when the phone was charged at 60 watts, the battery temperature was found to be 43.8 degrees Celsius. Which is higher than normal temperature (40 degrees Celsius). As a result, if the phone was actually charged at a rate of 120 watts, the battery temperature would normally increase. However, after the battery is 80 percent charged, the battery temperature drops a lot.

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